Monday, August 30, 2004

Big 17 Typhoon!!

2 more days and then school officially starts and I start my classes! eeks!

Since then I've just been hanging out with the teachers, doing up lesson plans, visited the kendo and tea ceremony clubs, been taken out for lunch and a tad bit of sight seeing - "so I no complain"

Today I had to take 3 hours paid leave so I could head into Sannomiya and get my re-entry visa. I met up with one of the english teachers who had already taken the day off and so kindly accompanied me to the immigration department. We also headed to my travel agent and paid and confirmed my tickets. Long story short - all seats and flights were pretty much fully booked when I want to go, I'm guessing because of the 2 Japanese public holidays that fall in that week I'm away so I'm sure many people are jetsetting then. So I have to fly to Cairns, transit, then Sydney, transit, then finally Perth! But at least I get there on time thats the most important thing!

Then we went to Starbucks and waited till 6.30pm because then we had an ENKAI!!! (staff party - usually drinking and eating). It was at a really nice place and we had all sorts of yummy food and drinks and desserts! Before we went in the weather was cloudy but ok but while we were all being merry "Big 17 Typhoon" was causing havoc outside. When we finally left, it was so windy and stormy outside that when we got to the train station, there was this guy with a megaphone saying that the train would only stop at certain stations - and ofcourse that didn't include my stop!! So we all ended up taking the subway underground and one of the teacher's wives was picking him up so he gave 3 of us a lift home. Just running to the subway to the car was an effort. My excuse for an umbrella wouldn't even open!! And one of the other teacher's umbrella just died! It serious got torn and broke and died! It was sooo funny I couldn't help but laugh and we just ran like anything to the car!

There were all sorts of things rolling around the flooded roads. Pot plants, bins, signs, the odd power lines dangling down! Well I made it home alive and I must say it was pretty fun!

Go the enkais!


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