Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sayonara sessions begin

Today my night class held a farwell lunch for me. We went to a little Japanese restaurant and had an amazing lunch - so tasty and so filling!

They all gave a little speech and gave me a Japanese cloth fan and case. I could feel tears creeping into my eyes as I said my little thank you speech but I managed to blink them back. I'm going to miss them so much, they've really become a part of my 'Japanese family'.

Then we went back to Hideko's place for tea, snacks, more dessert and singing with Megumi on violin and Katsu on the ukulele. It's unique moments like these that I will miss the most - moments that make me realise that I'm in such a foreign place but feel so at home.

Chestnut cream cake and strawberry shortcake

In the evening I met up with Kanako and we went to Lois Cafe for dinner. The last time I saw her was when Kelly was over in Japan and we went to Luminarie together...ages ago! She is such a sweetie and her ability to speak Japanese, English, Spanish and French is freakin' awesome. Much respect.

Thanks so much for meeting up with me even though you had your finals on! xox


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