Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Golden Week begins

Last year for Golden Week I was kicking back in Tokyo with Rui and Sue Yen had just finished up her visit to Japan. Good times. One whole year ago - sheesh!

Today after school and eikaiwa, I headed into Sanners and met Leigh at T&A park. Usually they have bands playing but tonight, some guy had brought in his decks and speakers and was blasting away trippy dance music. T&A park had turned into a rave, alas minus the glowsticks.

We headed to Starbucks and had a drink while waiting for Sam. Then we headed to Polo Dog and met up with Alison. We seem to be hanging out a lot at Starbucks and Polo Dog lately, not that I'm complaining because I love the matcha frappucinos, banana juices and chicken burgers with wedges. The taco rice also rocks.

So what's in store for GW 2006?


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