Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Outings

Today I was invited out to lunch with some members the the tea ceremony club.

I reckon it's a bit strange to hang out with students and it's something that I would not have done when I was a high school student, but I feel so bad turning them down so I guess an ESS or tea ceremony club outing on a rare occasion is okay.

Plus they always bring me out to a great place that I would not have found out myself. This time was a cosy italian restaurant under Sannomiya's JR station, west exit. For only 1,000 yen we got a filling and delicious lunch of bread, salad, pizza/pasta, dessert and a drink.

Then it was to the print club machine centres to take purikura. Yeah, taking print club with your students is very weird indeed. We were going to walk around Kitano-cho to see the old foreign houses and buildings but it started to pour down with rain, plus I had a whole heap of domestic stuff to do back home.

Too cute
In the evening I headed back into Sanners to meet up with Hana, Sam and Hana's mate, Matthew (originally from Perth, now working in the US and just visiting Japan for a bit) and took them to Tapa's for dinner. Sue Yen met up with us afterwards and we had crepes for dessert.

This is the new statue at Tit Park in Sanners. Our new names for Tittie Park now include Tits&Ass Park and Porn Park. I guess 'Art is in the eye of the beholder.'


At 9:10 am, Blogger Lisa Scott said...

Omigod, I saw that monstrosity of a statue/sculpture last weekend. I did NOT know what to think of it...

At 12:42 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Heya Lisa! How've you been? Yeah, that thing is way too random. I guess tittie park needed some more ... zest?


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