Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Term 3 begins

So now that the holiday is officially over, it's back to mundane things like;
Today I went to the shops and bought bread, milk and eggs. Really.

I thought it would be a bit breezy during the first week of school, as it usually is with exams and all, but I've been super busy. How exactly did this happen? I don't have a clue.

The holiday homework set for my second years was to say 3 things about what they did over the Christmas and New Year period. Just 3 things. Any 3 things!

These are a few I got;

On Christmas I ate Christmas cake.
It was very delicious.
I slept.

On New Year's day I went to Kai shrine.
I went shopping in Sannomiya.
It was fun.

On January 1st, I went to my grandmother's house.
I ate osechi and ozoni.
I studied English.

But my favourite had to be this one;

I went to Tarumi station.
I saw you and your boyfriend.
I said 'Hello.'
But you said....nothing.

and this is what I was thinking while he was saying each sentence;

(What?! That's the best you can do? You went to the train station?)
(Uh-oh. When? I didn't see you. Oh crap.)
(Eeeks! I feel so bad)

But by then the whole class was laughing. So was I. The poor boy looked so cut but he was smiling too. I apologised over and over again and told him next time to say 'Hello' louder and wave and come up to me. When Brendon was here last time, he was the guy that went up to Brendon and said "You, look like me!"


At 12:59 pm, Anonymous chickenbutt said...

hey Christine,

i'm just another avid blogger ;). This post made me laugh & laugh, the poor boy must have looked quite red in the face too.This is a superb blog by the way, dont ever stop writing :)

At 5:08 pm, Blogger ~Irene said...

Yo Christine..

Ahahaa.. that would've been so embarressing! Keep blogging gal .. love it..! Take care! =D

At 7:11 pm, Blogger Girl Kae said...

christine, how come ur dates are always a week behind? I read ur blog yesterday and then today and a new post came up for 10th of Jan? hehehe confused :p

At 8:33 pm, Blogger Christine said...

chickenbutt - Heya! yeah he was, but he's kinda like the class clown so he's use to the attention. Thanks for your kind words.

rene - I think it was for the both of us! Thanks for dropping by.

kae - Hey I just replied your email. Umm, truth is that I AM actually a week behind. I've been mega busy so I haven't had time to fully 'fully' catch up and get up to date..but I'm trying. Hope you're doing well.

At 10:35 am, Blogger Lisa Scott said...

that's awesome Christine, your student's 3 things. Just classic!

And you said...nothing.

Luv ya blogg girlfriend. Was awesome to see you at mid-year too!
Check out my latest blog post..

At 3:34 pm, Blogger Christine said...

Lisa - Hey girl! Had heaps of fun on Friday night, hope you guys got back ok.

Your student's sentence "What THE HELL have you been doing all this time?" is money! Absolute gold!


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