Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Day 2 - more powder than we can handle

Second day in Togakushi in picture form.

Woke up early to an amazing breakfast

Freezing our butts off on the ski lift

We arranged to all meet up for lunch at the soba shop in the middle of the green run. Everyone was there except Brendon. We had split up earlier in the day so he could chase the red and black runs while I stayed safe on the blue and green ones. The others had already finished their lunch but still no sign of Brendon. They were getting very worried and were about to go out searching for him but at last he arrived after an adventure of tackling insanely deep powder on the black runs, getting lost, trying to walk across the mountain to get back and ending up in a carpark *shakes head*

The others left first while Brendon and I had lunch. Nagano is famous for soba so I had the tempura soba-zaru set (cold soba noodles) and Brendon had the hot one.

Then it was back to the slopes.

Who sucks? I do!

All of us after coffee and cake

Back at Pension Azalea

Brendon with the massive snowball that broke in two just as I took the photo

Brendon on ice

The tea house made from an old sake/whiskey barrel

Last year you could actually see it and look through the window,

however this year it was just peeking out of the snow!

With Shimizu-san


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