Sunday, June 05, 2005

Hiking in Kyoto - Part II

Today I got up at the unheard time of 6AM to go hiking with some teachers in Kyoto.

This time we trekked about 10 kms from Arashiyama to Takao. The weather was nice and cool as we walked along the river through old graveyeards, lush forest, bamboo gardens and cobbled stone streets.

For lunch we set up next to the river and filled up on onigiri (riceballs), cheeses, breads, chocolates, biscuits and wine (Jacob's Creek to be exact! A gift I gave to one of my teachers).

One the way home we dropped into Inoda's Cafe in Kyoto (same one we went to last time) for coffee and dessert.

Always regretting my decision as I make my way bleary-eyed to the station before sunrise.
Always enjoying the fresh air, exercise and lovely company.
And always glad that I ended up going.


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